Rabbi Yekutiel Menachem Rapp
Memorial page

(Updated: 11/17/2015)

A Call To Action

Dear Friends,

It is the Rapp family’s deepest desire to continue Rabbi Yekutiel Menachem Rapp’s legacy at Chabad of the Airport, at El Al Airlines.

Rabbi Yossi Rapp will, b’esrat Hashem, continue his father’s work, as director of Chabad of the Airport.

We therefore urge everyone to please support this holy and vital work.

Please make your generous contributions out to"
“Chabad of the Airport
and mail it to:
Chabad of the Airport
C/o Rapp Family
7 Balfour Place. Apt. #2E,
Brooklyn, NY 11225.

For online donations, and recurring billing opportunities, click here:

"Tikvas Menachem" #401, printed in honor of the "Siyum Horambam," 6 Kislev, 5776 (pdf file in Hebrew)

A Tribute to Horav Yekutiel Menachem Rapp, on the Occasion of his Shloshim. 13 Menachem-Av, 5775 40 page booklet. (pdf file in English)

"Tikvas Menachem" #400, printed in honor of the Shloshim (pdf file in Hebrew)



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